Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Project 365 - Weeks 39 - 40

Thought I'd finally get to some of the catch up on my Project 365 pictures.  You'll see QUITE a variety in these shots!

First Frost - I captured the frosty morning on my daylily leaves.  

And frost also looks beautiful on these roses.  I think the growing season is done!

Cherry pie and ice cream.  One of the pies my mom and I made this summer with the cherries from our tree.  So delicious!

....and first snow too!  Snow came early this year.  I didn't stay long, so then it's not so bad.  It looked pretty collected on the hedge.  

We celebrated Thanksgiving here in Canada and I had the family over at our house, this is my fall banner on the fireplace.  

And then....we took a little trip!  My husband and I went to the National Youth Ministry Conference in....sunny San Diego!  We went from close to freezing weather to 30 degrees Celcius.  It was an outstanding conference with about 3000 people in Youth Ministry from across the US, Canada and also other countries attending.  Here are some of our highlights...

Lots of nice gardens at the hotel, I hadn't seen a yellow hibiscus before.  So lovely.  

Yeah...from snow to ocean :)  The hotel was like 15 minutes from Mission Beach and there were times we'd have a 2 hour break between sessions at the conference, so it was off to the beach for us!  

Not a "spectacular shot", but I have to tell you these guys are AWESOME!  They are the Skit Guys and they are some of the funniest guys I have ever seen.  They're in the middle of a skit here.  We watched them later at a late night session, and I'm telling you I laughed with tears streaming down my face for more than an hour.  What good medicine!  Other great highlights for us (besides the main sessions and smaller sessions) were the music.  We got to see For King and Country (I already loved them so it was amazing to see them live), Rend Collection (awesome worship band from Ireland), Brilliance and Digital Age  (the new band without David Crowder).  I was so impressed with all of these groups.  Not just their music, but how approachable they were and also seeing and hearing their heart.  Really great.  

My beloved on another quick trip to the beach.  What beautiful weather we enjoyed, and the beach was so quiet because it's already October.  I LOVE the ocean.  

Then...after the conference was over we took a little trip up the coast because I wasn't going to be that close to one of my favourite places on earth and not Anaheim and Disneyland!  Woo Hoo!

The first night we stopped at Downtown Disney and went to the Lego Store and also watched the fireworks.  My kids are big fans of the Avengers so this photo was a goofy one for them.  

We decided to try out Knott's Berry Farm one day.  What a great time we had!  Rollercoasters galore, and not busy at all!  

I "think" these might be azaleas.  Such a pretty spot in the old town Knott's.  

OH MY.   This was my favourite rollercoaster.  It's called the Silver Bullet.  We must have gone on it 4 times.  Your feet are loose and it takes you around 6 loops at crazy speed.  I laugh hysterically on it.  What a riot!

And I could not miss going to Disneyland.  :)  It really is one of my favourite places.  There is no one who does imagination and creativity like Disney.  This one was taken waiting to enter the park.  The park is decked out for Halloween.  We were there from the moment the park opened, till the time it closed.  We only had one day there, so we wanted to make the most of it.  

The Disney Railroad Station.  

The Castle.  What an iconic image hey?

And the Mark Twain Riverboat late at night.  We had the best day.  I feel so blessed that we could take the trip and learn so much, enjoy so much, and have such a special time together too.  We missed the kids a lot, but it was great to be together.  Don't ask me how bummed they were to miss Disneyland though!  So um, we had to bring some treats home to make up for it :)  

These are the most amazing caramel apples I've ever tasted.  They are from Disneyland and I remembered them from 5 years earlier when we were there before.  They are called Apple Pie Caramel Apples, and they are a ridiculous $10 a piece.  But oh MY YUM.  See her big eyes?  She's enjoying it too  Hee hee!  

Alright just a couple more weeks behind on the photography posting :)  Hopefully I'll catch up this weekend.  See you Friday for a Flourishes Friday!   


KarinsArtScrap said...

fantastic pictures Christine.

greetings karin

TLady said...

GREAT PICTURES Christine!!!!!!!!! You LOOK like you had a FABULOUS TIME!!!!!!!!!!! Yep, poor kids getting left behind!!!!!!! :( Our kids wouldn't let us forget if we'd done that!!!!!! LOL FOOD ALWAYS helps!!!!!!!!!! :)

TLady said...

THANK YOU for coming to visit Christine!!!!!!! :) AND your SWEET comment!!!!!! :)

Karen McAlpine said...

Great photos. Love the one with the roses. I can't believe you have snow already!! Here in Michigan summer is hanging on. 70 degrees today!

Darla said...

Bougainvillea, not azaleas. Azaleas, unfortunately, don't grow that well here in Knott's locale. I'm glad you had fun!!