Saturday, October 27, 2012

Project 365 - Week 40 - 41

Today is a Milestone for me as a blogger.  It's my 1000th post!  It's been just over 4 years and here we are at one thousand!  :)  Thanks for all your support.  Please come back Sunday evening for something special!

I'm still a bit in catch up mode on my 365 Project, though the title says it's 2 weeks together, I didn't take pictures every day, too much going on and it's been so dreary outside too.  Makes it hard to be motivated to get out and take any pictures when it's so gray each day.

Panda Bear, Panda Bear - our little nephew wanted to be read to one night, and he wanted the same book from all of us.  So, my husband started reading creatively to him, one page backwards, one page forward.  It sounded hysterical.  Like an old western movie Native American speak.  Then my husband would throw my nephew's name in there randomly.  He'd just giggle :)  

Volleyball Tournament :)  Our oldest is the one in the middle blocking that blur of a shot.  He's playing well this year.  I'm so proud of him.  I'm trying so much harder with sports shots, but its challenging with the light and the motion.  I've got a lot yet to learn.  

Love the intense look on our son's face under the net.  

That gym was so cold all weekend at the tournament!  But probably just right for the athletes.   Our youngest had his sweatshirt and his brother's on to stay warm.  He's a trooper for getting carted around to all his brother's games.  

Apple Butter - I canned some apple butter for the first time this year.  The house smelled so wonderful too.  I'll be making more this next week too.  Hopefully for gifts.  

My very messy creative table.  I've been working on magazine submissions this past week.  And I don't have a dedicated space to craft, so I share my space on our kitchen table, packing it up each day.  But it's been really messy! (read I've been really messy!)  

Snowflakes.  I was picking up our son from school one day as it was snowing.  I wanted so badly to capture the snow landing on the window, but it was melting so fast I had to be quick with the shots.  So, I'd love for it to be even crisper....but yet I know I'll have LOTS of opportunity for more snow shots yet this year!

Sweet 16 Party - our daughter had her friends over today/night for her party.  Just a cute little cupcake liner I puts some M & M's in at each place setting.  

Short and sweet tonight!  Thanks for stopping by! 


Marisa said...

Great shots :) Volleyball ones bring back memories of my playing days....can hear the squeaking on the floors and the hits on the ball. Love the M & M idea :) Great picture of your hubby and nephew!

TLady said...

You HAVE been busy!!!!!!!!!!!! :) ALL your pictures are GREAT Christine! I think I'll have to try reading a story book the way your husband did! It sounds HYSTERICAL! NO WONDER your nephew liked it! AND throwing in his name too!!!???!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your 1000 posts. I've been with you for about half that time and have enjoyed watching your style develop to where it is today. I also so enjoy hearing about your family and your ministries. Your pix are a special highlight each Sunday. God's blessings on the next 1000!

Holly AKA KopyKat said...

Congrats on all those blog posts, so awesome!