Saturday, September 29, 2012

Project 365 - Week 38

A little spot to rest at a park.  I always feel funny taking pictures of strangers.  I don't ever want them to feel uncomfortable or that I'm some sort of stalker! :)  But, seeing this person sitting out on the bench with all the gorgeous green was a lovely shot.  

Provincial Legislature.  This is the seat of government for our province, and it's a gorgeous building.  Sometime I'll take some more pictures of the other parts of the building.  

Guess who's lawn needs raking?  

Leaves like rain.  This is about a block from Church and as I was driving home one day the leaves that form a canopy over the street were falling like rain.  It was so beautiful I had to pull over, stop the car and take a picture.  Of course, it's hard to tell how the leaves were falling now in the picture - but you can just see that one on the foreground close many more were falling in real life.  If you click on it to make it larger you might be able to see some more.  

A visit with friends.  More shots of strangers :)  But they looked like they were having a nice conversation so I caught it quickly before they noticed me!

Canada Geese at the park.  These birds will soon make their trips south to warmer parts....but right now they're catching their breath in the beautiful fall weather here.  We've had a gorgeous summer and fall.  One of the nicest I can ever remember.  

Roating Tomatoes.  Today I picked a bunch of our tomatoes and decided to try something new by roasting the roma and cherry tomato ones.  A little olive oil, sliced garlic, fresh rosemary and oregano and 40 minutes in the oven.  It smelled SO good in the house.  And later I made homemade tomato sauce.  It was delicious, the whole family gave it many thumbs up :)


Bobbi Miller said...

Christine, your photos are just as gorgeous as your cards! I love your Sunday Photo days. I am from Chicago, but live in Arizona now, and miss those Fall days when the leaves are turning and they fall so gently from the trees. You can see the leaves falling when you make the photos larger by the way. Oh, I can drive 2 hours up north here to see this, but I never have time, so keep these shots reminds me of home! Great job and thanks for sharing! Have a super day!

Marisa said...

Just LOVE the picture of the street with the tree canopy and the lovely fall scene at the lake with the geese. I love fall and these two are stunning pictures :)

Karen McAlpine said...

Beautiful images!!

TLady said...

WONDERFUL pictures Christine!!!!!!!!!!! the leaves are changing here more & the temps are getting a little cooler! SOON, our leaves will be as beautiful as yours! AND your tomatoe sauce sounds WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Linda Carson said...

Awesome photos! Makes me want to visit Canada!