Saturday, September 1, 2012

Project 365 - Week 34 and Giveaway Week!

How did we get to September, right?  I've always felt like September was the time for new beginnings, rather than January.  It think it's all the years of school, and the excitement of the newness for what was in store.  Keep reading, lots to say, but if you get to the end there's a reward :)  

It's a new beginning for us as well.  This year brings us a daughter in Grade 11, a son in Grade 8 and a son in Grade 4.  All kind-of in the "middle" of their school years, so not as much transition and adjustment as last year.  We had the best summer though.  Just the right balance with the mission trip - and serving others, rest and fun family time.  I said to my friend today, I feel like we grew closer as a family because of our times this summer.  And now we're ready for the fall.   

I'm beginning some new things this fall.  Actually it's going to sound funny, but it's not about starting "more new stuff" for us, but about creating more space.  We've purposly left some things out of our calendar this fall, to make more breathing room.  I think that's a very good thing.  This is also the year that we've earned a Sabbatical at our job.  At our Church, Pastors are entitled to a sabbatical after 7 years of ministry.  We're actually in our 8th year of ministry here, but our colleagues also earned sabbatical last year and they got to go first, so beginning February 2013, we have 5 1/2 months of leave.  I'm so grateful for it, and excited for it too.   

I've been very blessed in this life on so many levels, faith, family and purpose.  One of those blessings has also been being an artist, and being an artist working for a company I love.  They are so good to me...and I want to pass that along.  There's a Bible verse that says "Freely you've received, so freely give"  that's who I want to be on a lot of, we're going to have a week of giveaways ahead!  It's my way of saying thank you for coming by and being a part of my creativity.  

Here's the Question:  What's the theme this week in these Project 365 pictures?....I'll draw from the correct answers and you'll win a really cute Hero Arts Christmas Stamp set called Christmas Post!  I got it with an order this past spring and I know it could find a happier home with you.  

August 26 - Spider Web on the hedge, can you see it?  It's so pretty and delicate.  

August 27 - Nothing but Blue Skies.  Pretty sunset beginning this night outside our front door. 

August 28 - Indigo Blue Jeans.  This was one of our first cool rainy days in a while, so blue jeans came out today.  

August 29 - Purple Pencil Case - My daughter wanted this tiny little pencil case this year, it's cute, it's purple, it holds the most essentials.  

August 30  - The little red truck.  My dad has had this cute little red truck for years.  So many people have come to the door and asked would he ever be willing to sell it.  He always says no.  It's just perfect for little loads, and even though it's starting to show it's years, we love it.  

September 1 - Wowie Batman!  How'd did Sept 1 happen!  And sheesh a cold front came in again and it was back to sweatshirts and rainjackets for us.  Our son had just had a sleepover at our place with 4 other JH guys in his small group...he was tired, can you tell?  Did you know that today was International Bacon Day?  The boys had 2 lbs along with breakfast after the sleepover.  Anyway - I digress - this picture was our last hurrah to summer with a family dinner at Red Robin's.  

September 1 - Tomatoes.  These are the yellow variety from our garden that are coming along nicely.  I made some bruschetta last week with these yellows and some romas.  Delicious!

So, what's this weeks' 365 Theme?  Leave your comment here. 

DRAWING WILL BE Monday at 9:00 PM MTN Time.  You'll have 48 hours to contact me with your  snail mail address.  

Stay tuned.  Tomorrow brings something new to give away!


Marisa said...

Congrats on the sabbatical!!! Sooo necessary and may it be full of lots of R & R and the space to do as you wish :) Theme...hmmmm...I'm thinking changing of the seasons from summer to Fall and with that cooler weather and school starting.

Linda Carson said...

This is challenging! My guess would be primary colors on a color wheel?

Anonymous said...

I'm going to guess that theme of this week Is about the light shining through/reflections of light. Gorgeous pictures again. I always enjoy your week.
Beth Greco

Marlena M. said...

I've got an 11th grade,8th grade and 6th grader~we are almost twins! ;) I'm excited for you and your upcoming sabbatical~what a blessing, Christine. I will say the theme is gratefulness. How did my family miss bacon day?????

Earline said...

Man how wonderful love the spider wed and the clouds what a good shot and always remembering what is important in life is what we should never forget it always seen to be the little things thanks for always sharing a part of your life with us may God bless you and your family.

Stacy aka Twinshappy on SCS said...

Christine that is wonderful news on the sabatical, congrats. So glad that your family has grown together and you are enjoying the fall as it comes in. I have to say on your spider web photo... not thinking its so delicate and cool. More like eewww... ;0) Hugs girlie.

Bobbi Miller said...

Christine, your blog is always so, cards, artistry, and just everything. Congrats on the sabbatical... that's so nice. You've worked hard and deserve it. I would say, by the looks of your photos and inspiration, that your theme would be "God is everywhere and we rejoice in his love for us". He is the Creator of all things, even blue jeans and pencil cases! :-) Bless you and your family.

Madeleine Barnett said...

Beautiful photos as usual Christine. I really missed them while you were away on mission this summer.

The theme - just basic colours

Madeleine Barnett said...

Beautiful photos Christine. I really missed them while you were away on mission this summer.

Theme - basic colour

Sorry if you have received this many times - I have been having problems with it

Joan V said...

Theme: Life is a rainbow of color.
Great pictures. Thanks for sharing. Hope the school year goes great for your family.

kathy s said...

the colours of the rainbow -so pretty in the sky- thank you for your generosity and all these great snaps into your life

Darlene Gabriel said...

Wow these are great pictures. At first I was going to say "God's handiwork" but after seeing all the pictures I'm a bit of a twist on that "Gratefulness for all of God's goodness".
Congratulations on the sabbatical - may it be a time of refreshment and rejuvenation for your family and a time to reflect on God's goodness.