Wednesday, September 5, 2012

10 Minutes to Christmas - and the Last Giveaway Day!

Today I have a tutorial at the Flourishes Blog on how to make this sweet CAS Christmas design that really did take me only 10 minutes!  Be sure to check it out!  Sorry about the goofy highlighted text here! I can't figure out how to get rid of it!

The lattice on this card will look somewhat complex at first, but it was a snap to do, and I love the really clean effect of the cream on cream.  

Stamps:  Flourishes - Paperwhites

Thanks so much for your great comments the past few days.  I've enjoyed reading about your autumn ahead, the fun things you have planned to create or cook, and your encouragements on your bad days.  You're all great!  :)  

Now for our LAST Giveaway this week and also the winner of the SU Papers.....

1st the Giveaway...

Much like my SU papers, I went through all my other 6 x 6 papers.  I only keep one box of 6 x 6 papers and my box was way overflowing. So, I decided to pack up some of the papers to give away.  Here's a look... keep in mind these are started packs so not all the sheets are in there...but there is still a lot of paper left.  

7 Gypsies Papers and Memory Box Papers - I'll pick 2 winners

Basic Grey - I'll pick 2 winners

MME, SEI and Cosmo Cricket - 1 winner

Prima and Kaisercraft - 1 winner.  

So that's 6 winners I'll draw on today's post.  

RULES:  Leave a comment here on this post telling me what your plans are for Christmas cards, do you make a whole batch of the same cards, do you make them one at a time?  Do you have a design in mind yet?  

One comment person please.

I'll draw the winners Friday night and post Saturday.  You'll have 48 hours to contact me to give me your mailing address.  Otherwise you'll miss out and I'll just donate the papers then to Ronald McDonald House, as I've been doing with some of the other goodies I've gone through.  

OK NOW...Winners of the SU papers!

My little one picked 6 #'s between 1 - 25...

16, 2, 7, 18, 24 and 3  and they are:

Madeleine Barnett said...
As I do financials for school lunches in the Greater Toronto area this week start a very busy time for me. Good job that i like numbers as much as I love making cards for all my friends.

Thanks Christine for the chance to win.
Marisa said...
Kindergarten seems so long ago...they grow up too quickly!!

September brings the onset of a ramped up schedule. Kind of like going from 1 to 100 in one day LOL! I have post it notes on the microwave so I make sure the right kid is at the right place at the right time LOL!

Upside - looooove fall colours and the maple trees out here are fabulous :)
Misti said...
What a fun card!!!

Normally Sept brings cooler temps for us, but this week is still supposed to be 100*+.

Sept this year will be bringing change for our family. Some good, some stressful, but we'll make it as much of an adventure as we possibly can.
Penny said...
September brings my baby's last year of high school - exciting for her and a bit bittersweet for me! I do not know where the time has gone - seems like she was just entering Kindergarten!  I could put these papers to use scrapbooking her last year of high school - thanks for the opportunity!

Rachel K said...Somehow my comment did not appear last time. My son started kindergarten this year, so I am now getting used to an empty house during the day. I hope to find time for myself to get back to crafting!
kathy s said...
I would gladly give some of these papers a home to use with my local U3A group card class I volunteer tutor-September is my Birthday month and the start of spring in Australia. Nothing new this year yet but that could change, I have a couple of grandchildren's birthdays and it would have been my dads 95th birthday and my mums 96th but I lost my dad in 1989 and my mum in 2007 gee I miss them both.

To claim your prize...please email me (see my View My Complete Profile picture link in the top right to find my email) PLEASE ADD in the SUBJECT LINE:  SU PAPER WINNER, and then give me your mailing address.  You have 48 hours to claim your prize!


Marisa said...

Lover the lattice work in the negative space!! Great card.
I have a big stash of Christmas cards from prior years when I sold them in craft shows and some stores. I use some of the "simpler" ones to send ot people who would not appreciate a hand made card and make some "special" ones for family and other friends who aprpecaite the time that has gone into them. If I find a basic design I like, I will make multiples.

Thanks for the chance to win :) So excited for your time off!!

kathy s said...

what a pretty card love the lattice and stars and wow can't believe I am a winner my class are going to be so happy thank you for your kindness.:) as for Christmas cards I always make different ones for everyone- I never make two the same and I take a picture and record on my computer which I sent to each so they don't get a similar one in the future

KarinsArtScrap said...

wow gorgeous card Christine very Elegant
Thanks for the tutorial.

I'LL Make my christmas cards very differently.
Some I'll make the same jus little ones.
I'll make big christmas cards A4.
And just square cards all differently.
Most of the I just start to make a card and sometimes I use sketches.

Congratulations to the lucky Girls.

greetings karin

Anonymous said...

That's beautiful! I love tone on tone cards but rarely make them?
For my Christmas cards I generally do a few of the same at a time ~4 or so. But I don't make them all the same because I get too bored and that takes the fun out of it.
Beth Greco

Joan V said...

Love the lattice work on the star. Always learning something new. I make my Christmas cards one at a time. I like to make the card theme depending on that certain person and what I think they would like to receive. Thanks for sharing.

Mary Miller said...

Christine,you always motivate me with your cards.I bought a flourishes a santa ornament that I plan to send to my grandchildren and I'm still decideing on the card for family and friends.I appreciate your stand on the Lord and all the work you and your husband to for the youth.Mary Miller

Karen McAlpine said...

Yummy paper collections! Can that gorgeous Christmas card really be easy??!! I heading over to check out the tutorial. I do plan on making Christmas cards this year. I think I will scale back a bit. (I say this every year and I still make a lot of cards.) I haven't decided on a design yet. Will probably make a couple different designs and make multiples. I am working on some cards to sell at a small sale and will be doing snowmen for that.

Bobbi Miller said...

WOW! I love your card! It's so elegant. It would also be a great wedding card I think.. maybe using a heart in the middle? Love the criss cross too. I have already started playing around with Christmas card ideas. I usually make several designs because I get bored with the same thing easily. :-) But then I have the issue of decided who gets what card! I love your designs Christine, you are always inspiring! Thanks for the chance to win some lovely papers!

TLady said...


TLady said...

YES! I do have a design for my Christmas cards in mind! Before I buy all the supplies, specific stamps etc., my idea can change! :) I DO make my cards like an assembly line---doing all of one thing at a time, then moving on to the next step. With all the economic woes, I have cut WAY BACK in the amount of cards I send out. So, it doesn't take the same amount of time it used to!

TLady said...

I guess I should have added, I do all cards the same! :)

TLady said...

DAH!!!! Your card is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!! I went over to Flourishes & took a look at your Tutorial! LOOKS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!! AND it IS EASY looking!!!!!!!! Thanks for showing us! :)

Cheryl W said...

Your card is so lovely--makes me want to change my design already! Yes, I have done a prototype for this year. I make 85-90 cards, so I try to keep my design simple and cost effective. Then I cut out all the parts and assemble and finish 10-12 cards a night, getting them done in about a week's time. I actually can't wait to get started!

Darlene Gabriel said...

Wow your card is stunning. I love the lattice behind the star and those pearls add so much elegance.
In the past I've done one design for my Christmas cards and then have an assembly line going. This year I'm trying to do different ones so that I get to use more of my Christmas stamps rather than just one set.
Thanks for another chance to win some beautiful papers.

Mrs. GraceWorks said...

Very, very pretty card! I don't send a lot of Christmas cards, but I try to make a few here and there throughout the year that I can have on hand to send or give to special people. I don't always remember to send them, though.... silly me!


Joanne Lowe said...

First, LOVE your card, and I agree with someone else that this shape could be many different ones--thinking of an ornament shape perhaps, and then the inside decoration could vary for interest's sake.

Although I've been cardmaking for a few years, I never seem to make christmas cards but want to change that this year. I think I'll make a few different designs but will have to see how it goes. Right now my crafting room is in tatters as is most of my condo because of new window installations and renovations, so I'm not sure when I'll have it back. So what I make will have to be simple because I simply won't have access to everything.

This year I hope to start making small card sets as gifts instead of buying gifts. Better for me in creating more, and I hope my friends/family will enjoy them too. Last year while I was helping my Mom recover from surgery, I made over 300 bookmarks (mainly with bible verses but a group of christmas ones my sister gave to her teachers--she's a principal. All had some embossing from embossing folders and my cuttlebug) that were all donated. Planning to make and donate more for various ministries as I can manage it. I deal with a chronic illness so my crafting time is limited.

Thanks for the opportunity to win the paper, any would be lovely.

I am new to your blog and am enjoying each update!



Cathy said...

Gorgeous card, love the lattice and pearls.
I make several designs for my Christmas Cards, as I need to make about 200 of them. To many the same gets boring to me. So I need the change.
Love your blog and your cards are all so pretty, love them all.

Sasha said...

Hi Christine,
First of all...your Chrismas card is gorgeous! - Thanks for the tutorial x
The Christmas cards I make for charity are all fairly quick CAS cards, and I make those in batches. The ones I make for friends and family are usually more creative, with some dimension. I love white on white with some sparkle. But I also love to make Christmas cards with colour, and I make them randomly, when I feel in a Christmasy mood x

Stampin' Granny said...

Elegantly simple card with such impact! Love it! Thanks for the tutorial too. I would like to figure out something simple that has a bit of elegance to it and reproduce for all my cards this year. Now tie challenge will ne to come up with that design!

Denise Marzec said...

Oh my word, how totally COOOOOOL is that!!! I gotta go check out the tutorial. Really amazing design!

Linda Carson said...

Love the soft elegance and quickness of this card! I checked out the tutorial..thanks! I enjoy making a variety of Christmas cards. I should start on those soon since I'm slower than Christmas when it comes to making cards! Your paper stash is amazing!

petra,s cards said...

wauw cristine your card is fabulous thanks for your tuturial its verry clear!
thanks for the chanc for given away so many papers fabulous to win i,am crazy about papers! ha ha ha thank you verry much for the chance i keep my fingers crossed!
xx petra

Sherry said...

beautiful cards!!

I usually do them in groups of 5 -10 the same and have 7-8 different ones to choose from!

thanks for a chance to win some paper!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful - as always! I always intend to make the same design to save myself the hassle but I use all the Christmas cards I've made for classes first and then make a huge batch to finish off! -Mary R.

Anonymous said...

I liked someone's comment - elegently simple. A really pretty card. Last year I took a make a card class with my CTMH demonstrator and we made some great cards. I will probably do her card class again. But, also make some others as I have a few Jewish friends and a couple who just want something special made with snowflakes. So, I guess I go with the variety is the spice of life motto. I have seen great cards that I want to make on a similar note. Making in the class assures me that I will get a bunch made on time for sure!

Chris R. from Iowa

Merilee Lane said...

What a beautiful tone-on-tone Christmas card! I love it!

I usually make some special cards for family and then a batch of similar cards for friends and business associates. I do not have a plan in mind as of yet, but I've been thinking about them.

Thank you for the opportunity to win!