Saturday, August 11, 2012

Project 365 - Week 31

Hello everyone!

Trying to get back into the swing of things, but to be honest, we're still really tired!  Between trying to catch up on sleep after the Mission Trip, 10 loads + of laundry, unpacking and putting things away and then our youngest son's birthday, we're not quite ourselves yet.  So, I didn't take pictures everyday, but I do have a few to show you.

Not the best photographic shot because it's backlit too much, but it's two sweet smiles from our Birthday Boy son and my mom when they came over for dinner for his BD.  

My beautiful daylilies.  I've missed much of their blooming because we were gone, but these daylilies are showstoppers.  When the blooms are full, they are the size of dinner plates.  

And a couple of pictures of our cherry tree.  It's heavy with cherries right now and I need to get out there and pick them so that we can make pies and jam, but the mosquitos have been crazy, and it's been so hot that the thought of sitting at a stove/oven hasn't appealed much to me!


Mary said...

I always enjoy your photos. Back lit or not, the photo of your son and your mom is priceless... love the cherry tree. It's been hot in our world too and the smoke from the local fire is awful. A part of summer we've learned to live with of late. Have a most wonderful week.

Marisa said...

Those cherries look amazing!! Yum!! Great shot of your son and mom too. Glad you are back safe and sound too :)