Saturday, July 14, 2012

Project 365 - Week 28

July 8 - My Grandma's Peonies.  I transplanted these peonies from my mom, who had gotten them from her mom long ago.  So, it's always a bit of a treasure for me to have them, and see them bloom each year.  They're white with some deep burgundy buried in the center (you can just see it on some of the center petals.  

July 9 - Heat Wave.  We've had extremely warm temperatures the past weeks, mid 30's Celcius.  And it's been wonderful, but since this generally doesn't last, or doesn't normally get this hot, most of us around here don't have air conditioning.  So, slurpees have been a daily cool-down treat :).  They get so much condensation on them that you end up having a pool of water around your slurpee cup too.  

July 10 - Nasturtium.  I love these little blooms.  They're so unique.  My two baskets of nasturtiums had just started blooming.  

July 11 - Pool Day!  On our day off we went to friends of ours who have a beautiful in-ground pool to cool off, so, here's a bunch of shots...

See his sister photo-bombing him in the background?

I had some fun with my continuous shot getting our son coming down the slide.  

It was even more funny because his feet were starting to slide over instead of stay on the slide...

And the big splash!

July 12 - And that's not snow.  With all the heat comes some fierce storms.  We had a brutal one with monsoon rains, and crazy marble-sized hail that wiped out so much of my flower gardens.  :(  The storm was at 3 am, and this picture was taken at 10 am.  We still had hail that hadn't melted as there was so much of it.  There was a lot of flooding and damage from this storm around us.  Gratefully, outside of our shed looking like someone shot through the roof a couple dozen times, the damage was only to the plants.  Still makes me sad :(

July 13 - My Mom's Garden.  The hail storm only hit half of the city, and not the half my parents live in.  Her garden looks beautiful this year.  She has such great soil.  Mine is so much more clay-like that it needs some real intervention.  See that random poppy growing inbetween the carrots and the beans?  

My cute little niece and nephew enjoying the sunshine in Grandma's backyard.  

And there you have this week in photos :)  Thanks for joining me again!

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