Saturday, July 7, 2012

Project 365 - Week 27

While you are reading this we are hopefully getting home after about 17 
hours of driving today.  We spent the week of the 4th with my husband's 
family in the small town in ND that he grew up in.  Joining us were his 
younger brother, sister-in-law and family, and our nephew, his wife and 
family.   All 18 of us were in one house... 8 adults and 10 kids.  

The cousins had a fabulous time together, so this week's pictures are 
from our travels.  

Look who's learning how to drive? :)  This small town is perfect for Daddy/Daughter driving lessons.  I'm really proud of her, she's doing great. 

We worked on Friendship Bracelets in the spare time all week.  

One of the favorite things is lighting all the little fireworks every night till the 4th.  This is the youngest cousin, a sparkler and our daughter.  

One of my nieces and our great-nephew creating crazy colored mixes with leftover smoke bombs.  Simple entertainment!

Can you see the squirrel hiding in the tree?  It was hiding from the goldfinches who love Grandpa's birdseed and love to attack the squirrel!

My great-nieces little toes :)  She's just 7 months old. Sweet as can be.

Our pretty girl

Beautiful ND sky as the moon was rising.

A little bike ride - photo trip we did.  Love the old trucks around town!

Sunset on the prairies.  

My sister-in-law in a sweet moment with our nephew

Fireworks on the 4th!  We did an awesome show for the family!  It was so fun!

Our oldest son is so good with his cousins....our youngest son was so busy with his cousins I have barely any photos of him!

Family photo.  This one cracks me UP!  Grandma and Grandpa apparently didn't get the memo that it was  supposed to be a goofy photo.  My husband's eldest brothers son, wife and kids are in the top center.  Boy is it weird to already be a "Great-Aunt!"  He's just 6 years younger than my husband's younger brother pictured left.  Oh and those two paper figures with my husband beside my head are another story for another day :).  

Thanks for joining me again this week.  Hope to be back to creating a little this next week, plus there are exciting Flourishes New Releases starting Tuesday!


Marisa said...

what a great set of pictures, Christine! The old trucks reminded me of Nater on Cars LOL! Love the last picture - how fun! Lots of other great ones in there too. Looks like you had a great time away :)

Stacy aka Twinshappy on SCS said...

Looks like you had a fabulous time. Some really awesome pictures this week!

Anonymous said...

Hey! I went to collage, got married and had 2 sons during the 13 years I lived in Minot, ND. You didn't mention the name of the "litte town." Made me curious.
Wonderful pix!!