Saturday, June 23, 2012

Project 365 - Week 25

Summer!  How wonderful!  Hope you've had a great week and thanks for joining me for the photos in my 365 Project this week.  

June 17 - Father's Day!  A sweet moment between my beloved and our youngest.  

June 18 - Sky.  Wow we've had some beautiful days this week.  This is one of my favourite times of the year.  We have immense amounts of sunlight and the temperatures are warm but not crazy hot.  this was a little storm rolling in,  I was driving home and there was a gorgeous rainbow, but of course by the time I got home the rainbow had disappeared, but the sky was still great.  

June 19 - Ok...these next photos are a series that crack me up... I asked our youngest to do a little photo-shoot on the trampoline.  He was totally game.  His acrobatics just made us both giggle.  

(Spiderman pose)

Whew!  Tired!  :)

These next shots are from the weekend.  It was ball-hockey playoffs for both boys, and now the seasons have wrapped up.  Both of them played SO well this year.  I am so very proud of their abilities, work ethic and sportsmanship.  

Our older son's team, after the last game.  VERY sweaty.  Some were trying to be serious, some goofy.  

June 23 - Our youngest after his last game, a treat with grandma and grandpa at Tim Hortons, it's a Canadian Coffee and Donut Institution!  

The boys are blessed that G & G can come to some of their games.  Where was our daughter?  SLEEPING.  She's such a teenager :)  She just finished her 5 finals, and she worked really hard, so I let her sleep in as long as she wanted.  Summer is here for her!


Stacy aka Twinshappy on SCS said...

Great pictures. Your son looks like the boys on the trampoline here. hee hee

Marisa said...

Love the shots of your son on the trampoline - boys are such hams LOL! My son would be doing exactly the same thing ;) Precious F-Day picture and congrats to them in their ball hockey :)

Joan Ervin said...

What awesome pictures, Christine!!!! Your son's are growing up sooo fast!!! Love the trampoline pics...looks like a lot of fun!!!!