Monday, June 4, 2012

Project 365 - Week 22

Sorry to be several days late on this week's photos. Better late than never. We were gone this past weekend on a year end retreat with a Leadership Study we've been in. This was the wrap up High Adventure Camp. It was a fantastic weekend.


May 27 - Outdoor BBQ.  It was a wrap up meeting with our volunteer leaders and we celebrated the year with a BBQ.  The home we went to has a really nice backyard with great landscaping.  I so love how these beautiful chairs look!

May 28 - Sweet Cheeks - We had a family party for our middle son's 13th Birthday and I captured this sweet look on my niece's face as she cuddled up on the 'reading chair' with one of our daughter's stuffed animals.  I love this picture so much!  I also edited it in B & W, and couldn't decide which I liked better, so you'll have to let me know what you think....

May 29th - Best Burger Anywhere!  For our son's actual BD, he had a ball-hockey game, after the game we went with some friends for a late supper.  If we're going for a celebration as a family we almost always choose Red Robin's, and I ALWAYS choose this burger, the Teriyaki Chicken Burger.  DELISH blend of chicken, teriyaki sauce, swiss cheese, grilled pineapple....oh I could go on.  It's wonderful in all it's messy-ness :)

May 30th - Famous - I think I've told you before that our daughter is fortunate to play in a Symphonic Band that is very respected in Western Canada.  For their final concert they play in our most amazing concert hall in the downtown of our city.  People say this is one of the top concert halls in Canada, so it's quite a privelage for these grade 10 - 12 students to play here.  You can kind of get the feel for how amazing it is in this picture.  Three decks of seats on the sides with special box seats closest to the platform, plus the main floor.  You can't see her amoung the 80 or so kids up there but she's on the far right, second row in playing her flute.  It was quite a concert!  Made them feel famous to play there :)

May 31 - Pathways - We arrived at our destination for High Adventure Camp.  It's our camp we've been before for other special events.  Such a beautiful location...the next few shots are from the weekend....

On the Bridge - a shadow shot of me walking over the bridge that goes over the little creek at Camp.

Chapel Windows - Camp has a little Chapel that we held some of our sessions at....just some pretty looks outside through the lovely windows.

Thank for sharing this week with me again friends!


Marisa said...

Love the first picture! Want to curl up in the chair and read :) I vote for the color pic of your niece. Looks like a fabulous location for your retreat! Great set of pics all round :)

luvthatstampin said...

That picture of the little girl is way precious! And your photography is great. You talk about Lupine in the mountains and valley, well we have it here in the deserts of Arizona. My girlfriend's back yard is covered with them and wild flowers every spring. I love the soft colors of your card.