Saturday, May 26, 2012

Project 365 - Week 21

I am having the worst time with iPhoto right now it's just taking forEVER to get my pictures to load for editing and watermarking.  I started this post at 7:30 pm and now here we are at 9 pm and I'm just getting to add the pictures to the blog, all that time for 7 photos.  I've never had this problem before with my mac so this is a WEE bit frustrating!

May 20 - Some lovely flowers my husband bought me.  What a beautiful bouquet it was... I love the sunflowers and the contrast of these gorgeous purple ones too!  And look at those funky spiney ones too!

May 22 - Rainy Day - We had two straight days of rain this week.  On this day, our youngest had the day off from school, and he joined Daddy outside.  My husband was finishing up his Bible study and our youngest went out there to draw :)  

May 23 - Rain on the Day Lilies - I love how the water beads in different ways on the leaves. 

May 24 - Cherry Blossoms!  And after the rain, the blossoms come.  This is my favourite shot all week.  You'll have to click on it to make it larger.  I love the light, I love the bokeh in the background and the detail on the cherry blossoms.  This is our sour cherry tree that I love so much.  Awesome pies and jam!

May 25 - Tulip.  My favourite color of our tulips.  I wish MORE of these gorgeous burgundy ones would grow!

May 26 - Ball Hockey Babes.  Our daughter and one of the other coaches daughter's.  These girls love each other a lot.  Check out her light blue eyes too!  She's a cutie!  

Short and sweet tonight since it took me so long to get it done!  Thanks gang!


Marisa said...

So proud of you for keeping on with the pictures each week. You go girl :) Great picture of your daughter, and the rest are fabulous too.

Anonymous said...

Great photos again! I would have to agree, I love the cherry blossom one. I'm surprised that you can grow cherries. I thought it would be too cold?
Beth Greco

Anonymous said...

More beauties. The wait was worth it for us! Love all the pix. BUT, where's the one of you and your new "cut"?

Stacy aka Twinshappy on SCS said...

Wow great photos. The one of your water drops on the leaves is so cool, I agree it does look great. I didn't know you could use a cherry tree like that one for jams. Might have to call you about that. :0)