Saturday, May 19, 2012

Project 365 - Week 20

It was a very full and fulfilling week at our place.  Here are the pictures to prove it!   Any too small for you can be clicked on.

May 13 - Mother's Day!  Here's my mom with us (her two kids - my brother far left top, and myself, plus all her grandchildren, our three and my brother and sister in law's two.  My niece is frowning a little, and our youngest has bubble gum between his teeth....but overall a nice shot!  :)  It was a lovely day where the men cooked us steak, twice baked potatoes, salads and meringues, custard and berries for dessert.  Delicious.  I'm so grateful to be a mom to these three kids!  

May 14 - Grapevine Hyacinth.  Such a delicate little flower!   I love their little seeded purpley-blue heads.  

May 15 - Greenhouse Day!  Our planting trip takes us to a huge greenhouse south of our city where we buy our bedding plants, tomato plants and any perennials we might need.  Just look at this amazing display of the different colors of coleus!  Amazing!  I love going here.  

May 16 - AWANA Year End Banquet - Our youngest son goes to the mid-week program at Church called AWANA and it was the year end banquet with a pirate theme.  Is he not the cutest "tough" pirate?  The eyeliner moustache and soul patch is wearing off a little.....and below is my beloved who also dressed up for the occasion, he's trying to snarl which cracks me up!

May 17 - Double Blossom Crabapple - This tree that sits outside our office at Church is AMAZING.  It produces the most beautiful blooms and for a few days in May (depending on the wind!), it's drool-worthy so I had to snap a few shots.  

May 18 - A little spot to read - A spot on our front porch area where you can soak in the afternoon sun and read a little.  

May 19 - Bleeding Heart - Such a unique flower.  This one is just starting to bloom.  


Anneke klerks said...

woou beautyfull foto,s of your family, seems me so happy!!!
hugs anneke

joanieg said...

Christine, what terrific pictures of your family! Making true memories for a lifetime. The floral pictures are also beautiful. How refreshing to have those all around you. Thanks so much for allowing us into your life. Your blessings are abundant and your generosity of a sharing spirit is amazing. Thank You always for sharing and inspiring .

DF Morgan said...

I love seeing your cards; they are always beautiful. Nevertheless, I think I enjoy your Sunday photos even more. The stories they tell and the quality of the shots make them wonderful to see. I hope you never stop sharing them! I feel as if I know you and your family as a result of your wonderful websit. Thanks for being a "web friend." God's blessing to your and your ministries.

Marisa said...

Looove flowers - great shots and had to giggle as we were at the nursery yesterday and came home and planted my planters and garden annuals. SO fun to have colour in the garden again! LOVE the pirate pictures too :)

Denise Marzec said...

Thanks for sharing such awesome pictures! I love the one of you and your whole family....totally want to sit and read a book in that beautiful chair....and I'm now off to look up coleus to see if we can plant it here in my area and if we have pretty colors like that.

Stacy aka Twinshappy on SCS said...

Great Mothers day photo, and all your flowers look wonderful. Wish I could say the same for some of mine. eek...

Carole said...

Wonderful photos - all - but what an especially nice family photo. And everyone is so beautiful!