Saturday, April 14, 2012

Project 365 - Week 15

Back into a little bit better rhythm this week with taking pictures, which is a good thing.

Just a note for all you paper crafty friends out there....I have an exciting week ahead on the blog, lots of surprises coming up this week, so stay tuned!

April 8 - Easter Sunday!  After Church we went to my parents house and had Easter Dinner with my family, which was amazing given that my Dad just got out of the hospital on Thursday.  We had an Easter egg hunt with the kids and then decorated eggs with them too.  My goofy boy showing off one of his creations.  

April 9 - We had some really wet snow and for a few days those poor little birdies had no chance to find any bugs, we have a bird feeder set up on the fence between our house and our neighbours and I caught this little chickadee snacking.  I can't wait to have a longer lens in my future to take some more close-up shots in situations like.  

April 10 - This is the coolest shot!  Bet you can't guess what this is?  It was our day off and so my husband and I went to see some showhomes that are set up as a fundraiser/lottery for 2 of our hospitals. We love to just go and look, and this was one of the wall light sconces in one of the houses.  Really beautiful isn't it?  

April 11 - Snow melted and my tulips have a chance to pop out of the ground.  

April 12 - Wanted - Mostly Alive :)  A Social homework project with our middle son.  He needed to create a Wanted Poster.  There are times where I really love the advantages my kids have in me being a stamper, he could stamp the titles, age the paper with ink and we burned the edges to make it look really old.  Of course, I almost lit up the kitchen with the burning!  Good thing we were right over the sink in close access to water!  

April 13 - Popcorn and a Movie - Our oldest was babysitting, my husband had taken our son to our JH Youth event, so it was just me and the little guy for a movie and some popcorn :)

April 14 - Ball Hockey Season has begun!  Today was the first game of the season for both the boys teams.  Our youngest scored a goal in his game (he's #5 above)  and our older son scored 2 in his game!  Woo Hoo!  It's their favourite time of the year.  And I love watching the boys play.  They were both ear to ear grins after their games today, despite both of their teams losing.  

Thanks for dropping by friends!

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Stacy aka Twinshappy on SCS said...

Cool photos. Yes the sconces is very unique and cool. That birdie made me smile.