Saturday, March 24, 2012

Project 365 - Week 12

Wow, I can't believe it's been 12 weeks that I've been doing this project already!  Thanks for your many kind comments last week.

This week the photos have more of a "photo-journalling of the week" rather than wonderful photography theme.  It was a really busy week here, and I didn't have as much time to be artsy. :)

March 18 - Pennies to Pesos.  In the end of July 2012 we are leading a group of 33 students and leaders on a Missions Trip to Mexico City, doing 2 weeks of Vacation Bible School there.  We did a pancake breakfast fundraiser after the services today at Church and my husband is getting ready for the next fundraiser which he's calling pennies to pesos.  People can dump their loose change in a jar and we'll convert it to pesos for the Church in Mexico.  So we started with our loose change jar, this is all Canadian coin :)

March 19 - Pretty Pillows at Pier One

March 20 - Happy 1/2 Birthday to You!  In our house we celebrate half-birthdays too :)  You get to chose the menu for supper and sometimes there are treats for dessert too, but no presents!  Since we were away when it was our youngest's 1/2 BD, we celebrated on this day....he chose homemade pizzas for supper.  His favourite food.  So, we made some mini-pizzas and each person can choose their toppings.

March 21 - Trampoline!  The tramp was cleared off of snow and it was a warm day so the boys took advantage of it and jumped and wrestled and all the things brothers love to do, which is good, they have too much energy and I need them to burn it!

March 22 - 4300 lbs of Fruit and Cookie Dough - Another of our fundraisers was selling Florida/California oranges and Florida grapefruit and cookie dough.  This was the day it all came in and we took the 4 pallets of boxes and sorted through all the fruit and re-packaged it so the orders could be dispersed.  It smelled like an orchard in our youth building, and it was wonderful, because it started snowing like crazy outside!

March 23 - Eat the Icing First - Supper with my family, my mom made our niece some chocolate covered cookies for dessert and the priority was the icing first :)  She had it everywhere!

March 24 - Lego Shoes!  Aren't they cool?  It's ball hockey season beginning here for the boys and my husband had to get our youngest some new equipment, and he found these cool shoes too, I love them!  They even have lego piece "treads" on the bottom of the shoe just like the side of the shoes.  

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