Saturday, February 11, 2012

Project 365 - Week 6

We spent part of this week at a Pastors and Families Retreat at our Camp.  Its a once a year gathering of Pastors and their spouses and kids for 3 days.  Really, really fun and meaningful time, so I have a number of pictures from our time there, and more than 7 photos this week :)

This is our camp, more specifically, the view from the main lodge to the little chapel one morning.  The chapel just seats 60 or so people, so its used for small special occasions, all the main events happen in the very well equipped lodge. 

A little ice sculpture at the shadow too. 

This is where campfire would be in the summer each night, right now the snow covers the benches, but it's pretty.

Homework teenage style.  Our daughter working on homework since we pull them out of school for the retreat.  IPhone headphones in one ear :)

Me!  I took  this picture (or my son did) because of what was happening the next day....

Yep, braces.  When I was a teenager, I needed them, but my family couldn't afford them.   Since our kids are at the age of braces, I said to my husband, "I wish I would have gotten braces".  He responded with, "well, why don't you?"  The more I thought about it, the more I decided I'd be crazy not to do something I wanted to do.  So I'm locked in so to speak for the next 2 years.  It's been a bit bumpy with the pain and the learning curve of what I can eat right now (soft stuff only).  But in about 700 + days or so I know I'll be glad I did it.  So, I'm being really brave in showing you the gory details :) 

These are two of my three best guys, reading together cuddled up on the chair.  My husband has a substantial Theology textbook, and the little guy a new science fiction he was engrossed in :)

And last one for the week.....

The little nephew's adorable grin.  You'd never know he had four shots that day.  


Evette K. said...

Oh these pictures are just wonderful. Love to see families gathered together in fellowship. Thank you for sharing. But I do not see where it says you are...state wise or country wise. You have more snow then we have here in Upstate NY. I miss my snowy winter. We have had so little here. Blah!!! I am a snow person...can ya tell?? LOL Your nephew is way way cute!!!! evette k.

Wanda Cullen said...

Thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures! This reminds me so much of a similar church camp our congregation would go to one w/e of the year.

Conniecrafter said...

Oh Wow good luck with your braces, I never had to have them but my daughter tells me it's no fun!
Your nephew is a little cutie!

Joan V said...

Love all the snow and the ice sculpture was great. Good luck with your braces. I just got mine off in August and I am in my early 50's. My parents never could afford them either,when I was a child. So, one day I made myself and appointment, then came home and told my husband that I was treating myself to a new smile. Good luck and smile and show all your metal :) Just think of it as embellishments to your teeth :)

Stacy aka Twinshappy on SCS said...

Love these snow photos, very cool. Your braces look great, so excited for you. Now you can attest to what I have been going through. Hoping mine are off this June. Hope is the operative word! Soft food hugs... :0)