Saturday, January 14, 2012

Project 365 - Week 2

Back for week two of my Project 365 shots.  A busy week for us, and as you can see I've got a little nature and some hands and feet.   You can click on the picture and it will increase the size.

January 8 - Bottom right.   Our little guy after Church.  Grandma and Grandpa bought him the suit he had been longing for and he was so excited to wear it.  He looked so handsome.  But if you'll notice he quickly put on Daddy's shoes for the picture.  The size 13's are a tad big for the little guy.

January 9 - Top right.  On the way home after work that day I stopped at a park and took a few detail shots.  You can't see the whole photo here, but I was proud of how my apeture worked with the detail of the baby spruce and the fuzzy background.

January 10 - Middle.  Supper that night was a new Recipe from Skinnytaste, Crock Pot Chicken Enchilada Soup.  We love anything Mexican and it was a great recipe.  Healthy too!

January 11 - Bottom left.  The little guy again doing something he loves, playing Wii :)

January 12 - Top left.  My lone plant because it survives my neglect :)  It's a lipstick plant and its just started blooming.  I can get such awesome detail with this camera, you can see the little hairs on the lipstick cups!

January 13 - Middle left.  The BIG feet of our older son.  This was a spectacular night.  We truck in 10 000 pounds of sand to our youth building, crank up the heat and have a beach party for our HSers and JHers.  Way too fun in the middle of winter!

January 14 - Top middle.  Our beautiful daughter's hands playing piano.  She really has a lot of musical ability, and beautiful hands, and beautiful long nails!

I'm learning, it's good to keep taking pictures because I think it helps develop your eye to see things differently.  And I'm slowly learning!  Thanks for joining me!

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Marisa said...

These are great, Christine! Love the pic of the piano playing hands - need to get one of my daughter doing that. Those feet in the sand are great too :) Can't wait to see the next week. You're doing great!