Friday, August 1, 2008


Well...I can celebrate! My husband is home after having taken a group of our HS students to Mexico City on a two week mission trip - and it was amazing, and they are changed people because of it (but I'm glad they are home, it's not easy being a single parent! And we missed him!).

So, tonight we are trying very hard to get packed up to go away as a family - many it's 10:30 and I have so much packing still to do! So, I'll be off for the next little while with my family.

A week at a family camp in beautiful British Columbia ...on a the middle of fruit country....think cherries...peaches...apricots off the tree. Yum.

And then some time in my favourite place in the world....Canmore, Alberta enjoying the Rocky Mountains. What could be more inspiring than that? I know it is the place I feel God's presence in the deepest ways, and I carry it with me all year long.

We have needed the rest and I am grateful for the opportunity to have it. I may do a little posting while we're gone when I have access...but for now I pray you have some rest for your soul these last few weeks of summer. See you soon!

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Joan Ervin said...

Have a wonderful time, Christine!!! Enjoy the time with your family and be safe!!!